BURGER KING Chicken Jalapeno Burger (バーガーキングチキンヤラピノバーガー) | Review

I saw the advertisement for this Burger King Chicken Jalapeno Burger (バーガーキングチキンヤラピノバーガー) outside the Burger King and it looked so delicious so I went in to try it.

The scent warns me that it’s hot and spicy.

The hot sauce that is used in this burger is green. The taste of it was hot but it is delicious.

The hotness of this Burger King Chicken Jalapeno Burger (バーガーキングチキンヤラピノバーガー) is just right on the first bite. The second bite was hotter. When I got to the jalapeno, I needed to pause cause it’s really spicy.

Overall, the combination is great. I love the crunchiness of the chicken.

It tastes so good! It will now be my first choice every time I eat at Burger King.

BURGER KING Website: https://www.burgerking.co.jp/#/home

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