UNICHARM Premium 超快適マスクお鼻すーっとスッキリ爽快メントールと天然ミント配合 (Menthol Mask) | Review

I really like scented mask especially on the times when I am not in the mood. So when I saw this Unicharm Premium Menthol Mask (超快適マスクお鼻すーっとスッキリ爽快メントールと天然ミント配合), I chose it among others.

The packaging gives me the aesthetic vibes with its pastel purple color.

Inside, there are 5 masks packed individually.

Before opening the plastic, tap it 2 to 3 times yo activate the said micro capsule.

This is how it looks. It is quite big for me but it does it job. It is comfortable and the scent is refreshing. The scent was gone after 3 hours.

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