EXCEL Lip Velvetist Bitter Terrine (エクセルリップベルベティストビターテリーヌ) | Review

I love lip colors that are brick red or chocolate red. So when I saw this Excel Lip Velvetist Bitter Terrine (エクセルリップベルベティストビターテリーヌ), I grabbed one without any second thoughts.

It contains 3 types of beauty essence ingredients that protect the moisture of the lips and prevent dryness. These are honey, vaseline, and argan oil.

The tube is pretty simple. It is clear matte plastic but feels like glass. The cap is color gold which makes it look classy.

The size of the applicator is perfect for any size of lip.

The consistency is velvety smooth. It has no scent which many will approve of.

There are 2 ways of using it.

The first one is a full lip which is to apply with the applicator on the whole lip. It takes a little longer to dry though. But if you want a bolder color, this is the way.

The second is a thin application which is to apply only a little on the middle of the upper and lower lips and spread it with your fingers. It is perfect for an everyday or office look.

This Excel Lip Velvetist Bitter Terrine (エクセルリップベルベティストビターテリーヌ) is matte but not totally. Also, it does not make my lips dry.

EXCEL Website: https://noevirgroup.jp/excel/

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