#036COS Double Eye Shadow Pink (ダブルアイシャドウピンク) | Review

I received this #036COS Double Eye Shadow Pink (ダブルアイシャドウピンク) from a friend. This brand is only available on Awesome Store, a shop here in Japan.

#036COS Double Eye Shadow Pink (ダブルアイシャドウピンク)

Though I got this as a gift from a friend. I am familiar with this brand and the price because I visit Awesome Store whenever I pass by it. The price is ¥429 which is really cheap and even students can afford this.

The colors are dark pink and light pink in a square case.

The colors look cute and mesmerizing. It has a quite unpleasant woody smell which isn’t really noticeable unless you directly smell it on its container.

The color is very sheer which makes it perfect for a natural, every day, and office look. Actually, there are more times when I prefer eyeshadows like this.

#036COS Double Eye Shadow Pink (ダブルアイシャドウピンク)

I love this #036COS Double Eye Shadow Pink (ダブルアイシャドウピンク). It is simple and gives a subtle glow to my eyes. When you want the colors to be bolder, you can use a primer.

This eyeshadow is supposed to be pink but the result on me is coral peach. Also, I tried putting with eyeshadow brush first but the pigments doesn’t stick well so I used my fingers instead. And you have to layer for the pigments to be obvious.

AWESOME STORE Website: https://www.awesomestore.jp/store/default.aspx

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