DEVIL’S TRICK Wild Red デビルズトリックワイルドレッド | Review

Finally, I’ve got the chance to try this brand. I have been longing to use this for years now but I don’t want to be so bold. But now, I got the courage and decided to try this Devil’s Trick Wild Red (デビルズトリックワイルドレッド) first.

Devil’s Trick Wild Red Sachet

One sachet costs ¥264 including tax. I will only color the part of my hair that is hidden which is near my nape so i only bought three. But actually, I only used two. By the way, I have long thick hair. If you intend to use it on your whole hair, I suggest using 4 to 5 sachets.

The color result is show at the back of the packaging but it is not always the same.

Devil’s Trick Wild Red Cream

The scent is so good. Just like what they stated on the packaging, it does smell like orange fruit. The color is bright red.

It is said that 5 minutes is enough for it to stay on your hair but I decided to leave it for 30 minutes just to be sure.

Devil’s Trick Wild Red - results

The result is so satisfying. Aside from the excellent color result, my hair smells so good and feels so soft.

If you want to keep the color from fading, I suggest to mix this Devils Trick Wild Red (デビルズトリックワイルドレッド) with your conditioner and leave it for a while before rinsing.


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