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I am always annoyed with my chapped and flaky lips. Every time I put on my lip tint, it is always uneven. Lip sugar scrubs don’t work perfectly and only help a little. Let’s see if this Glov Scrubex will do better.

Glov Scrubex

Right after using it, I noticed my lips is pinkish. It could be due to the scrubbing. And it looks fuller.

When I put on my lip balm, my lips absorbed it quickly. It is much better than just putting on my lip balm without scrubbing.

The lip tint sticks well and lasts longer than usual. Usually, my lip tint just lasts few hours and goes off when I drink or eat something. But when I used this Glov Scrubex, the lip tint last more than a day. Even when I took a bath, it’s still there.

One more thing that makes me happy about is that it is reusable. Lip sugar scrubs can be expensive but this tool will save me money.

Now my longtime chapped and flaky lips are gone. Thanks for this!

GLOV’S WEBSITE: Lip care and peeling accessory Scrubex | GLOV

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