NISSIN Cup Noodle Karamen | カップヌードル辛麺 | Aiko Ish’s Journal

I already saw this Nissin Cup Noodle Karamen (カップヌードル辛麺) a lot of times but didn’t plan to buy because I thought it is very spicy based on the packaging. But because it might be a limited edition, I now decided to try one before it is gone in the market.

The price is ¥198 including the tax.

The picture really gives me this idea that it is really hot!

The smell upon opening gives me a warning that it’s really hot. I just hope that I can endure the spiciness of it.

There are a lot of toppings and seasonings. I love the taste of their meat so I am glad to see few of it.

The soup is spicy but not too much. The taste is kinda similar to their Kimchi flavored ramen which is also a limited edition months ago but this one is spicier.

I can taste the roasted chili peppers but the spiciness is not what I expected. It is bearable so that everyone can eat it.

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