LIFTARNA Base Making Mask | リフターナ ベースメイキングマスク 白肌 | My Experience

I have had this Liftarna Base Making Mask (リフターナ ベースメイキングマスク 白肌) for quite a time now. I can’t remember if I bought it or got it from a beauty subscription box here in Japan.

This mask is intended to be used in the morning or before makeup. It is said to reduce pores and make your skin a tone brighter. Also, this also acts as a primer so you can start your foundation after removing the mask.

The mask has a pale bluish-green tint and smells a little minty. There are 5 sheets inside.

The fit of the mask is good. It feels cool and has a relaxing scent.

It is important to blend right after you remove the mask because it will dry like this if you don’t. 😂

I had no problems nor irritations after using this product. It does help hide pores which makes it a good primer.

LIFTARNA Website: スキンケア/リフターナ | 株式会社pdc (

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