K-PALETTE 1 Day Tattoo Lasting 3-Way Eyebrow Pencil & Eyebrow Powder 01 Light Brown | K-パレット ラスティングスリーウェイアイブロウ ペンシル ライトブラウン

K-Palette is one of the brands that I love when it comes to eyebrow pencils. It is quite expensive but the quality is really good! Because it is expensive, I wasn’t able to repeat it back then. So when this K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Lasting 3-Way Eyebrow Pencil & Eyebrow Powder 01 Light Brown (K-パレット ラスティングスリーウェイアイブロウ ペンシル ライトブラウン) was on sale, I bought it immediately.

The 01 Light Brown is the lightest shade in this series.

It is a 3-in-1 product. It’s a pencil, powder, brush in one stick so it is very convenient to carry around.

There is an instruction on how to use it at the back of the packaging.

I’m lucky to get their limited free brush. ❤️

The brush looks normal but unlike the other cheap spoolie brush included, this one is very gentle on my eyebrows.

The pencil is so thin and it feels like it would break easily. Also, the amount is really small to last for more than a month. But thin pencils have advantages, like drawing hair-like lines.

The powder is also very easy to apply especially on my inner brows where I struggle much when using a pencil.

This is where the powder is stored.

I’m so satisfied with the swatch. I can control the intensity of the pencil and also I am able to create different thicknesses of lines. The color of the powder is the exact same color as the pencil.

This is how my eyebrow looks.

This is how it looks after using the pencil and the powder.

K-PALETTE Gobal Website: K-Palette (k-palette-global.com)

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