SCHWARZKOPF Got2b Bonding Bleach | シュワルシコフゴットゥービーボンディングブリーチ

Hi! It’s Aikoish. In this entry, I will share the results of SCHWARZKOPF Got2b Bonding Bleach (シュワルシコフゴットゥービーボンディングブリーチ).

I was shocked by the price because the usual price of hair bleach that I see is around ¥400 to ¥700. This one is around ¥1,500.

These are the expected result of the bleach. The result depends on the current color of the hair.

I was so happy that there is a cape included which is necessary for bleaching with the other brand doesn’t have. Also, there are ear caps and gloves.

This is the color of my hair before I used SCHWARZKOPF Got2b Bonding Bleach (シュワルシコフゴットゥービーボンディングブリーチ).
This is how it looked after.

I was really glad at the result. It is not yellow and my hair feels soft. For the price, it is worth it!

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