JC SKIN Facial Wash Foam | JCスキン洗顔フォーム | My Experience

Japan has a lot of local skincare products that are not well-known by the public just like this JC Skin Facial Wash Foam (JCスキン洗顔フォーム). I bought this from Aena, a discount cosmetic store here in Japan.

This face wash contains “Moroccan lava clay”, “Okinawa Kucha”, “Bentonite”, and “Kaolin”. It claims to absorb dirt from pores and leads to clear skin.

The consistency is the same as the icing of the cake.

It feels so comfortable even for my sensitive skin. Even without a facial wash foamer, it still foamed on my face decently. It is gentle and smooth on my face.

I like the situation of my face after washing with this. It feels so clean.

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