PUREAL Nemureru Bijyo Mask Clear Serum | ピュレア 寝れる美女マスク 透明感

Hi! It’s me Aiko Ish.. In this journal entry, I would like to share my experience on this PUREAL Nemureru Bijyo Mask Clear Serum (ピュレア 寝れる美女マスク 透明感).

The price of this is ¥990. It contains 70 grams.

This is for those who are concerned about dryness and dullness of skin. It is non greasy and it doesn’t need to be washed off. Also, it can be used daily.

How to use?

After washing your face, take an appropriate amount and gently spread it so that it covers your entire face. Apply a generous amount of cream to cover your skin like a mask, without letting it blend in. After a while, the cream will gently blend into your skin. Good night as it is.

This is also good for busy people who doesn’t have time to do all the skin care routines. After washing your face, just apply this at night and it’s enough.

The cream isn’t smooth. There are like grains mixed with it but it melts immediately.

My Experience

I tried this 3 times already and I had no problems while using this product. There were no irritations.

It can be used even without the other skincare routine but the effect on the morning isn’t that good. But when I use it after all my skincare, the effect is good.

PUREAL’S WEBSITE: https://www.purealcosme.com

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