Ichiran Ramen Curly Noodles | 一蘭ラーメンちぢれ麺

I love Ichiran and I always will. But I can’t just go there whenever I want because it’s not that near. So when I saw this Ichiran Ramen Curly Noodles (一蘭ラーメンちぢれ麺), I thought that this could solve my sudden cravings if the taste will be the same as the one on their shop.

The image on the packaging already makes my mouth water. I can imagine the smell of the ramen just by looking at the picture.

In their shop, you can choose your type of noodles. Here on their home ramen, they gave a guide to achieve your preferred hardness of the noodles.

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Inside the packaging, there are 3 items: curly noodles, soup, and red powder.

This is how it looks like after it is cooked. It will look much better if I put on some toppings.

The smell isn’t the same as the one you will get on their shop but still, it smells good.

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The soup tastes really good but not identical as their original ramen.

The noodles is quite better than those ramen pack that you can buy on supermarkets.

The red powder is spicy. If you don’t like spicy, I suggest that you don’t add that one or just put a little.

Next time, I will try it with toppings.

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