IKEA One Coin Set | ワンコインセット | BLOG

I was thrilled when I saw the ¥500 meal set in Ikea. I couldn’t believe that I can buy a set meal with 5 items for just a coin. In this set, there is an appetizer, main, dessert, and a drink.

In the picture below, there is no ice cream. It’s because I already ate it. 😂
The ice cream tastes very simple. It tastes just the same as the ice cream on a cheap all-you-can-eat buffet.

The drink I chose is raspberry soda. It is light and I like it. The sweetness is just right.

The pump dispenses a large amount of ketchup and mustard so I couldn’t apply it equally. The pickles and onions are scooped with a spoon so you can apply as much as you want. The hotdog sandwich isn’t the best but it’s not bad. It’s plain.

The hash brown is well cooked. It’s so crispy. This is how I want my hash brown to be cooked. I like this more than those that you can buy at convenience stores.

The chicken isn’t that crunchy but it tastes so good. The breading is tasty but the inside is not so juicy.

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