POMPADOUR Camomile-Honey | BLOG

I saw this Pompadour Camomile-Honey in Kaldi Coffee Farm, a shop that sells food & drinks related to coffee and also imported products. It was the first time I saw this Camomile-Honey flavored tea.

Pompadour Camomile-Honey

I love Camomile but I am not sure how the taste will go with honey. My curiosity struck so I bought it.

They said that only the best Camomile Flowers are selected to create this product. Honestly, I know nothing about the differences between good and bad quality Camomile Flowers but I am a fan of their Camomile Tea.

It is best to use 100 degrees Celcius when brewing tea and left it for a while so that you’ll get the most out of the tea.

Pompadour Camomile-Honey

The color becomes yellowish after few minutes.

Pompadour Camomile-Honey

The taste is still similar to their Camomile Tea without the honey. But the honey added to this gives a little sweetness.

Also, this Pompadour Camomile-Honey is caffeine-free so I drink this at night to relax before going to bed.

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