I’ll start my blog by saying, I love this Artnaturals’ Retinol Serum so much! Actually, not only this but their other serums too. I started using this about 2 weeks from now and I can really say that it works.

This is not my first time to use a retinol serum. I have tried a bottle from The Ordinary but my skin’s reaction is not consistent so I just used about 1/3rd of the bottle and didn’t continue.

This serum contains 2.5% of retinol. There is a minimal scent which is not bothering at all. It doesn’t leave any stickiness nor oiliness after applying.

How and when do I use this?
I use this Artnaturals’ Retinol Serum every night after applying my toner. When I use a face pack, I apply this serum after it. I apply the serum on my face and on my neck. And then, I apply a moisturizer because this serum isn’t moisturizing.

Even though the product isn’t moisturizing, it doesn’t make my skin super dry.

I am deeply amazed with this product. There are a lot of retinol serums out there yet most are expensive. This one is budget friendly and effective at the same time. Actually, at first I was a little skeptical on the effectivity since it was cheap but this product reminded me that not all cheap are bad.

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