7 PREMIUM Ginger Scent Steamed Buns (セブンプレミアム 生姜香る 小籠包) | 7-ELEVEN

Hi everyone! Today, I went to 7-Eleven to find something to eat. There were a lot of new foods to try but of course, I couldn’t eat those all so I just chose the one I wanted to try the most. So, I chose this 7 Premium Ginger Scent Steamed Buns (セブンプレミアム 生姜香る 小籠包).

Name: 7 PREMIUM Ginger Scent Steamed Buns (セブンプレミアム 生姜香る 小籠包)
Price: ¥213

It is so cheap for 4 pieces! If you are going to order this on a restaurant, 4 pieces may cost ¥500 or more.

You have to microwave it first before eating. The instruction is in the back of the packaging.

The smell makes my mouth water. The scent of the ginger is dominant.

The size isn’t that big which is understandable considering the price.

The taste of the soup is one of the best I tried. I can taste the ginger. I love it!

Not so much meat inside but I am satisfied. Also considering the price, this is excellent.

You wouldn’t need a sauce anymore.

I was shocked to taste a very good xiaolongbao from a convenience store.

I would probably buy again soon.

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