SALON DE BI JOIE Sukkiri! Face Stick (サロンドビジョアスッキリ!フェイススティック) | BLOG

I was looking for a mask silicone applicator. But instead of finding it, I found this Salon de Bi Joie Sukkiri! Face Stick (サロンドビジョアスッキリ!フェイススティック). It costs ¥900 and I bought this from Aeon Mall.

This face stick can be used hot or cold and on different areas of the face.

Aside from the eye area, this Salon de Bi Joie Sukkiri! Face Stick (サロンドビジョアスッキリ!フェイススティック) can also be used on nose and face line. Also for pores, just dip the flat sideand leave it for a while in a glass of water with ice to make the face stick cold.

Since it is made with aluminum, it has a high thermal conductivity. It transmit the body temperature from the fingertips so this face stick will also feel warm when used.

Also, the flat side of the face stick can also be used to apply cream products.

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