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This is the first time I saw this Famima Cafe Cookie Vanilla Frappe (ファミマカフェクッキーバニラフラッペ) in Family Mart’s freezer. Actually, I was supposed to buy the Cafe Latte Frappe because the weather is hot and I want something cold. But when I saw this, I grabbed it with no second thoughts.

Famima Cafe Cookie Vanilla Frappe (ファミマカフェクッキーバニラフラッペ)

It costs ¥320 with the tax already included. Actually, it was released on 29th of May this year, almost a month ago but I didn’t noticed it.

If you are wondering why it is frozen, it is because you still have to add milk after purchasing it.

As you can see, there is a good amount of crushed cookies inside. According to Family Mart, this has the largest amount of cookies in their history of frappe.

Famima Cafe Cookie Vanilla Frappe (ファミマカフェクッキーバニラフラッペ)

Before you put it in the machine to add milk, squish the cup first to crush the frozen frappe inside. In that way, it will melt fast and it will be easier to stir.

I am the type of person who doesn’t like hard toppings on my frappe or ice cream. Regardless on how good it is, the hard toppings are ruining my mood. But the cookies of this Famima Cafe Cookie Vanilla Frappe (ファミマカフェクッキーバニラフラッペ) are soft and chewy. It has the same texture with a brownie. It has a bitter chocolate taste which I love. When it comes to the taste, it is similar to melted cookies n cream flavored ice cream.

Unlike the other limited flavor of Famima Cafe Frappe, this Cookie Vanilla Frappe is something you will want to buy again.

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