NEWDAYS Spicy! Domestic Pork Yakiniku Bentou (ニューデイズ 旨辛!国産豚焼肉井) | BLOG

NEWDAYS Spicy! Domestic Pork Yakiniku Bentou (ニューデイズ 旨辛!国産豚焼肉井) is a newly released microwaveable bentou available only on NewDays, a convenience store in Japan that is located on train stations.

The look is already appetizing. And if you are hungry and you come pass by this, you wouldn’t be able to resist buying this. However, the name of it says that it is spicy so those who don’t like spicy foods might skip this. Also, this is pork.

There is a good amount of pork over the rice. Also, there are white sesame seeds and I can also see onions.

The first bite was the best! The combination of pork, sauce, and rice is perfect. The pork is so soft that it almost melt in my mouth. The sauce is a combination of sweet, spicy, and salty.

The taste is comparable to a restaurant meal but honestly, this is much better than the other restaurants I’ve come to.

It is spicy but not too much. Those who are weak on spicy food can tolerate the level of this.

I can’t comment much about the sides but it is also good. When you want to pause for a while on the pork, this will refresh your taste buds.

I might be asking too much because they alreadybgave a good amount of pork, but I wish there were more pork. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

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