EKI NA CAFE Shimizuya Rare Cheese Cream Bread (清水屋レアチーズクリームパン)| BLOG

I bought this Eki na Cafe Shimizuya Rare Cheese Cream Bread (清水屋レアチーズクリームパン) from NewDays, a convenience store here in Japan that are mostly found in train stations.


As for the shape of the bread, it is similar to a burger bun but it is white and soft. Also, it smells sweet.

The taste of this Eki Na Cafe Shimizuya Rare Cheese Cream Bread (清水屋レアチーズクリームパン) is pretty standard. Since it contains cream cheese, it is cold. When it comes to the texture, the bread is soft while the cream cheese inside is fluffy.

The taste is sour and sweet. But its sweetness is not overwhelming unlike the usual cream cheese bread that I have tried from various convenience stores. In addition, the flavor is fit for adults.

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