CANMAKE Powder Cheeks PW38 Plum Pink | Review

I have this Canmake Powder Cheeks in PW38 Plum Pink for months now but I don’t use it often because I struggle to use this shade. But now, I decided to use this again and find the right style and way in using this.

I can’t remember where I bought this but I know it’s from a drugstore. It costs ¥605 with the tax already included in the price. The price is considered cheap and affordable here in Japan.

Canmake Powder Cheeks is an oil-in-base formula. It contains 8 types of beautifying and moisturizing agents. Those are hyaluronic acid, glycerin, ectoin, squalane, grapeseed oil, honey, royal jelly extract, and apple fruit extract.

It contains fresh moisturized powder, which is said to make our skin moisturize with smooth and silky texture. Also, it is said that the formulation is designed to cling to our cheeks and that it contains a long-lasting effect powder so we can be sure our cheeks will keep looking soft and cute, absorbing extra sebum.

Canmake described this shade as dark pink that makes cheek looks flushed naturally.

The brush feels soft and airy. It is useful but I had a hard time blending the blush with this.

Honestly, at first I had a hard time using this shade. I thought it doesn’t match my skin-tone but I was wrong! It was just me not knowing to deal with this kind of shade.

When using the brush included, the transfer looks natural flush. I also tried using a larger cheek brush and it was much easier and better.

In this picture, I used the brush included. It looks quite good in personal but it looked uneven in this picture. But the result looks as if it is a natural blush.

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