KALDI Bacon Garlic Rice | Taste Test

I don’t know why but I love entering Kaldi and look for something that will capture my tastebud’s interest. This time, I saw this KALDI Bacon Garlic Rice. It is the shop’s original product. Actually, I only got interested with the packaging because it looks so good. 😂

There are 2 sachets inside. One sachet is good for one person or 200grams of rice. Since there are two of us who are going to eat, I will use these all.

According to the instruction, just put the liquid onto the cooked. rice.

I used a newly cooked rice. It smells so good and appetizing. Actually, it smells like gravy.

I didn’t expected that the taste will be so good! It does taste like garlic and bacon. I will buy a lot soon for stocks. 😍

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