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There is like no one who dislikes this Nissin Cup Noodle Seafood. It is one of Japan’s legendary cup ramen. This has been on the top ranking of best-selling ramen in Japan for years now. And, I know that it will still be, even after a decade.

This morning I ate a big size one for breakfast. Yes for breakfast! 😂 But not always.

There are a lot of delicious toppings inside this Nissin Cup Noodle Seafood. The pink ones are pieces of crap sticks. White ones with a purplish edge are octopuses. Yellow ones are eggs. The greens are leeks.

To cook this, boil water and pour into this cup ramen until the visible line. Sometimes I don’t fill it when I want it to be a little saltier. Then wait for 3 minutes.

Now it’s cooked. 🥰

Sometimes, when I want my noodles to be soggy, I leave it for another 3 minutes.

I don’t eat this ramen always but there are times when I crave this. When I am still not full after consuming all the noodles, I add rice to the soup.

UPDATE!!! (July 8, 2021)

Now, I enjoy eating my Nissin Seafood Noodle with shichimi to add a little spiciness to my ramen.

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