DAISO HELLO BEAUTY SELECTION Friend Nail Color My Melody – Pearl Champagne Rose | Review

I bought again my favorite DAISO HELLO BEAUTY SELECTION Friend Nail Color My Melody but this time the color is Pearl Champagne Rose.

The color of this nail polish is rose gold. I bet it will make my nails look super-duper gorgeous.

Just like the other DAISO HELLO BEAUTY SELECTION Friend Nail Color, the scent of this My Melody in Pearl Champagne Rose is super strong. Therefore, I recommend applying this in a well-ventilated area.

One Coat

Though it kind of looks similar to the Shiny Cappuccino which I have tried before, this one is less obvious on a single coat. Yes, it looks sheer and simple, but still, it looks gorgeous.

I love how it dries quickly so I wouldn’t have to wait for too long just to do something.

Two Coats

The color intensified with the second coating but it is still not 100% opaque. But I am already contented with this.

Three Coats

Now, it is opaque with the third coating. It looks so pretty and gorgeous.

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