BCL SABORINO Morning Face Mask Fresh Muscat | Blog Review (サボリーノ朝用マスクフレッシュムスカット)

Saborino Fresh Muscat

BCL SABORINO Morning Face Mask Fresh Muscat (サボリーノ朝用マスクフレッシュムスカット) is a limited edition that is only available at @cosme store and on @cosme shopping. It is made for busy people who don’t have much time to do all the skincare routines. According to @cosme, this is an all-in-one morning face mask that functions as a face wash, skincare product, and makeup primer. It is a moisturizing type infused with muscat extracts and peach juice that eliminates puffiness and keeps the skin hydrated all day long. It has zero greasiness so you can start putting on your makeup after 60 seconds.

This BCL SABORINO Morning Face Mask Fresh Muscat (サボリーノ朝用マスクフレッシュムスカット) costs ¥390 per 5 sheets but I got mine from a beauty subscription box that is also run by @cosme.

Saborino Fresh Muscat

BCL SABORINO Morning Face Mask Fresh Muscat (サボリーノ朝用マスクフレッシュムスカット) contains a lot of fruit exacts like muscat, lemon, grapefruits. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C.

How to use BCL SABORINO Morning Face Mask Fresh Muscat (サボリーノ朝用マスクフレッシュムスカット)?

Step 1. Carefully, take 1 face mask sheet from the bag and spread it.
Step 2. Apply the face mask sheet on your face, pulling the left and right edges to fit.
Step 3. Take out the mask after 60 seconds. It is also recommended to fold the face mask sheet after and pat it. After that, you can apply your makeup.

The pack has a ziplock just like the other face mask packs that come with 3 or more sheets. The sheets were properly placed and they don’t look thin.

The scent is really similar to Muscat but with a hint of mint. Actually, it smells like a minty grape candy. It is interesting.

It is small and it doesn’t covered my big forehead. 😂 It is mint, and cooling to my face. The feeling is refreshing.

After one minute, I folded the sheet mask and pat it on my face. The essence was quickly absorbed by my skin.

It soothes my skin making my face look fresh after. By the way, I didn’t wash my face to really test this mask since it also works as a face wash. Surprisingly, it felt as if I really washed my face.

Saborino Fresh Muscat (サボリーノ朝用マスクフレッシュムスカット) @cosme

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