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It has been a month since I started looking for good grey or ash contact lenses. I already visited several online contact lenses store but I am always hesitating, thinking that the image on the net might be different from the actual product. Then finally, I decided to go to an actual store. That’s where I saw this NAOMI WATANABE PRODUCED COLOR CONTACT LENSES N’s Collection – Tama Konnyaku (エヌズコレクション 玉こんにゃく).

Who is Naomi Watanabe?

Naomi Watanabe is a famous comedian here in Japan. She became famous with her Beyonce impersonations. Also, she is a fashion designer.

About N’s Collection

The brand concept is a color contact lens which complements makeup. It’s a good match for both natural makeup and the latest makeup. It is made not to make your eyes look bigger but changing the color of the eyes while making use of the original eyes. It cuts UV-A wave by 75% and UV-B wave by 99%. The lens structure is adopted so that the pigment does not directly touch the eyes and eyelids. It is a soft material that contains a lot of moisture, and it is comfortable to wear without discomfort in the eyes.

From afar, I didn’t notice that the circles on the packaging are Naomi Watanabe with different colors of gown. Honestly, I thought that those were colored contact lenses in different colors.

There are 10 one-day use colored contact lenses inside. These cost ¥1,600 with the tax not included. It is like the standard price of a box of colored lenses here in Japan.

Looking from the back, I can barely see the color of the colored contact lenses.

Without putting it on, I really couldn’t see the color of this. It is very thin so I don’t recommend reusing it again after wearing it. And, never do that to any day use color lenses.

The base curve of the N’s Collection lenses is 8.6mm with a diameter of 14.2mm. The moisture content is 55%. It is manufactured in the Republic of Korea.

How does N’s Collection Tama Konnyaku look on dark eyes?

My eyes are deep black without the ring light.

It was very easy to apply. These is the easiest colored lenses that I have ever tried. There is also no sting and it almost felt nothing.

The name of this N’s Collection Color Lenses which is Tama Konnyaku is so appropriate with the actual color. If you don’t know how konnyaku looks like, it is food here in Japan with a jelly texture. Try searching for the image and you’ll see that color of these lenses looks just like that. Thus, the result color might differ on different natural eye colors.

I will probably purchase it again after I used all my stocks. This is now becoming one of my favorite colored contact lenses.

N’s Collection – Tama Konnyaku (エヌズコレクション 玉こんにゃく) Website:
TAMA KONNYAKU(玉こんにゃく)|渡辺直美プロデュース カラーコンタクトレンズN’s Collection(エヌズコレクション) (

You can also buy it on this site:

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