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Nissin Cup Noodle released a new cup ramen flavor on January 11, 2021. It is the Nissin Cup Noodle Nazoniku Kimchi (謎肉キムチ).

NISSIN CUP NOODLE Nazoniku Kimchi (謎肉キムチ)

Japanese Time!

謎 (nazo) – mysterious
肉 (niku) – meat
キムチ (kimuchi) – kimchi
謎肉キムチ (nazoniku kimuchi) – mysterious meat kimchi

Nissin is my favorite cup ramen brand ever since I was a child. And it’s not only liked by me but also most of the people in Japan and even those who live outside Japan. The most famous flavor is their seafood which I also love.

They release new flavors frequently and mostly are limited editions. But I noticed that when a limited edition becomes high on demand, it becomes a permanent. So I am hoping that this one will be loved and become a permanent too.

NISSIN CUP NOODLE Nazoniku Kimchi (謎肉キムチ)

This is what the cover looks like. And it shows the image of the ramen when it’s cooked.

Inside of the NISSIN CUP NOODLE Nazoniku Kimchi

NISSIN CUP NOODLE Nazoniku Kimchi (謎肉キムチ)

There is a very good amount of seasoning in it. There are like 10 or more meat inside and they are quite big.

Nissin Cup Noodle Nazoniku Kimchi (謎肉キムチ) contains 76 grams. In order to cook this, it is needed to add 310 milliliters of hot water and then wait for 3 minutes. Moreover, to achieve the best taste, I recommend using boiling water (100 degree Celsius). Because there are times when I used 80-90 degree Celsius water but the ramen wasn’t cooked well.

NISSIN CUP NOODLE Nazoniku Kimchi (謎肉キムチ)

It smells just like any other kimchi ramen. This one doesn’t have a spicy smell.

It is not very spicy and I think that those who are not good on spicy foods can take the spiciness of this ramen. In addition, the mysterious meat, which is pork, tastes delicious and also the kimchi tastes authentic. Also, the onion leek blends well to the taste. Above all, I enjoyed the soup the best. And it’s very flavorful. It is perfect for the cold season.

More Information

Price: ¥193 is the standard price (tax not included) but it may cost more depending on where it is being sold.
Availability: Convenience Store (Japan), Supermarket (Japan), might also be available in Amazon Japan
Calories: 343Kcal

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