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Karaage-kun Red is currently my most favorite food that is made by Lawson, a convenience store franchise here in Japan. There are also other flavors but I love spicy foods so this fits my taste the most. And also, there are always limited edition flavors which is a must try!

Lawson Karaage-kun Red

A box costs ¥216 and it contains 5 pieces of Karaage-kun Red. The price is wallet friendly. Their packaging is made of paper and that is a good thing.

Lawson Karaage-kun Red

The smell of this makes my mouth water and makes me feel more hungry. Even at the counter of Lawson, you will smell this and it will persuade you to buy.


There is a toothpick included and it has a dual purpose. You can use it as a fork to pick the karaage and use it as a toothpick after eating.


The Lawson’s Karaage-kun Red

Lawson Karaage-kun Red

The Karaage-kun Red are bite-sized which is perfect when you are busy or on the go and need to eat fast.

Lawson Karaage-kun Red

The spiciness is just mild and I hope it was spicier. It is not so crunchy like the normal karaage but the inside is juicy and tender which tastes really good. You should eat it while it’s hot. The chicken is tender and jucier at that time.

It is good as a snack. I used to eat it almost every day when I was still working next to Lawson. Sometimes, I eat it with rice which is also good. Some eat this while drinking alcohol. And also, one box might not be enough so I recommend buying two.


The chicken used in this Karaage-kun Red is 100% raised in Japan. Food Action Japan is an initiative aimed at expanding the consumption of domestic agricultural, forestry and fishery products in order to preserve and create Japanese food for the next generation.


See more info about this Lawson’s Karaage-kun Red here:

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