PALTY Coloring Milk – 夢みるブルージュ(Yume Miru Burūju) | Review

Recently, I colored my hair orange. But as time goes by, it slowly faded and then became brighter. So I decided to color it again but going to a salon will cost me around ¥10,000 or more and to avoid spreading and contracting the Coronavirus, I decided to do it by myself. There is a lot of hair coloring kit available in department stores and drug stores for a very affordable price and because of that, I spent a lot of time deciding on what color and brand to use. The hair color that I picked up is this Palty Coloring Milk 夢みるブルージュ (Yume Miru Burūju). The color is deep ash navy.

The packaging is undeniably cute and calm. This series is the newest of Palty that was released on March 2020 and is intended for black hairs and doesn’t work on white or gray hairs. They increased the volume of the product 1.5x but just to be sure, I bought two.

These will be the results according to your current hair color. Mine is in the middle of the first and the second image but I don’t expect my hair to be just like what on the picture.

There are 5 item inside the box; a pair of gloves, the guide, oxide water, cream, and the treatment.

Before applying it directly onto the hair, it is recommended to do a patch test to avoid any problems later on. I skipped it since I have already tested other products with the same ingredients listed on the box of this Palty Coloring Milk 夢みるブルージュ (Yume Miru Burūju). But if you’re unfamiliar with an ingredient, you should do a patch test.

How to Use the Palty Coloring Milk?

Step 1. Wear the gloves included in the box.
Step 2. Mix the cream (label 1) to the oxide water (label 2) and shake for about 40 times.
Step 3. Take a good amount with your palms with gloves and apply directly to your dry hair.
Step 4. Let it sit for about 20 minutes and then rinse with shampoo and conditioner.
Step 5. Towel-dry your hair and apply the treatment icnluded.

The smell of the product is not as bad as the other hair coloring products. It also feels like a lotion or serum.

This is the color of my hair before the coloring process.

This is how it looks like after the coloring process. It is ashy but there are some uneven parts but still the result is beautiful. My hair felt soft after drying even though I forgot to put the treatment.

I applied the treatment the next day after washing my hair but my hair became a little stiff. It was fragrant but I didn’t like the effect.

After 10 Days

I wash my hair everyday so it faded quickly but I was hoping that it would stay for about 4 weeks. It now looks as if I highlighted my hair. Therefore, I conclude that color protect shampoo will be needed on this Palty Coloring Milk 夢みるブルージュ (Yume Miru Burūju) in order to prolong the color.

Will I Repeat?

I love the color so I will probably repeat soon but I will use a color protect shampoo and conditioner or just use a gray shampoo after applying the hair coloring product.

There also other colors available. You can check out their website to see what are the other shades and series.

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