ONE TOUCH NAIL Craze French Nail – Harmony CFSP-002 | Review

Doing my nails is time consuming and it usually takes me an hour to finish it. There are times when I really have no time so this One Touch Nail Craze French Nail is a really big help to me. The design is called Harmony CFSP-002.

The design is cute and I think it matches the winter season and my mood.

There are 24 chip nails in total.

There are number labels on the back and a guide on where to use each chip nails according to numbers.

I love how it looks on me. The nail chips make my hands look kawaii.

I applied the nails noon and I was able to wear it till the next day when the chip nails started to wear off on my pointy fingers. The others were still intact but the inside looks really dirty so I have to remove it. It is good for a day but I will reuse it again. I will just remove the glue remains and I’ll just apply nail glue again when using again. This is a money saver and the chip nails doesn’t have that strong scent like the nail paints have.

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