Okinawa Brown Sugar Milk Tea (Milk Foam) – LION TEA Taiwanese Stand

We were strolling around the mall when we pass by this stand. It was our first time to see this milk tea shop in this mall and this name is new to us. We were intrigued so we decided to stop and try one of their recommended flavors.

We tried this Okinawa Brown Sugar Milk Tea (Milk Foam). I chose iced because I’m kinda thirsty. I usually ask to remove the Tapioca in my milk tea but this time I chose not to.

It is indicated here how this drink is made. First, they put their Tapioca that are boiled with Okinawa’s original brown sugar in the cup together with the said brown sugar and then they pour the milk tea. Lastly, they put the Lion Tea’s #1 original milk foam.

I chose the large size. The price is almost the same with the other milk tea shops.

While waiting for our drinks, I noticed this lion on the wall with a milk tea in his mouth.


The dine in area is not beside the shop but across. There were no other customers. It’s quite sad.

This is the Okinawa Brown Sugar Milk Tea (Milk Foam) and it looks so yummy! I am not a fan of the pearls or tapioca but theirs is different. It is sweet and chewy almost like mochi. The cream is also delicious almost like an icing. The milk tea is just ok or just same as the other brown sugar milk tea of other stores.


There are still a lot of flavors to try and I will surely try other flavor when I come back.

Visit their website here:


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