PERIX Periduo-713 Wireless Mini Keyboard and Mouse Set – Best Pink Keyboard

Finally, it is here! I bought this PERIX Periduo-713 Wireless Mini Keyboard and Mouse Set from Amazon for ¥3,999. It is not that cheap so I was hoping that the quality is really good. I hope that this is the best pink keyboard for my ipad pro 12.9 that I am looking for.

The box is quite heavy. I didn’t expect that the box would look like this. I expected a more kawaii box that is pink.

You can’t really judge a book by its cover! The keyboard is super cute! The quality is also perfect and I am happy that I chose to buy this. I have no regrets.


The keys are so nice and smooth. I love the feeling everytime my fingertips touch the keys.

I needed two triple A batteries for the keyboard. Luckily, I have stocks of batteries in my cabinet.


The mouse is also super cute! It is quite round and very comfortable to use.

Unlike the keyboard, only one double aa battery is needed for this mouse and the bluetooth usb receiver is attached at the back of it.


I also bought this mousepad from Amazon for ¥780. It is also not cheap. The color that I received is different from the picture in the app. It is light pink with white accents but this one is darker with almost off the accents in pink but believe it ir not, I like this better.

So cute right?! This cute setup makes me wanna do more blogs and also boost my creativity.


This is my best pink wireless keyboard and mouse combo for now!

Do you also want this? You can buy it here…


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