INTEGRATE Lucky Bag 2020 | Unboxing

I was looking for the refill of my powder foundation when I saw this. It is an INTEGRATE Lucky Bag and contains the powder foundation that I am looking for. You can’t see what are the items inside but in their poster, it is indicated that the refill that I am looking for is inside this lucky bag. The shade is also indicated and I grab the Ocre 20.

I can’t remember the cosmetic shop where I bought this but it is inside of Aeon’s Mall here in Japan and it costs 1,300 Japanese Yen with the tax not included. It is equivalent to the price of a one powder refill and I’m happy that I’ll be getting more than what I paid for.

Let me show you what are the items inside the bag, one by one. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

First is the powder foundation refill that I am talking about. This is Integrate Pro Finish Foundation in Ocre 20. I checked the shade that I am currently using and sadly, I got the darker shade. LOL. But I will still try this one. I hope that this is not too dark or just right since the Ocre 10 is kinda lighter than me but I love it.

Second is this oil blotting paper from Shiseido, the mother brand of Integrate. The design is really cute and I’m glad I got this because I don’t have blotting paper as of now and I don’t have to buy a anymore.

The papers have no design nor powder in it, just simple like the regular ones.

Third are these two mini bottles of SEA BREEZE Natural + Aid for the body Deo & Water Soap. This is a deo for the body so that you won’t need to worry about the smell of your sweat and also this will make you feel refreshed with the citrusy scent with menthol scent and feeling that makes it cool.

I have tried their wipes during the summer season and I greatly recommend this. Whenever I feel sticky, I just use their wipes and then I will feel fresh again.

Fourth is this mini Senka All Clear Oil makeup remover. This is really famous not only here in Japan but in other countries as well. Before the Covid-19 broke out, there were a lot of tourists here in Japan and I saw a lot of women tourists buying this. I never tried this before so I am very excited to finally try this.

Fifth are these samples of INTEGRATE Air Feel Maker. I saw this a lot in different advertisement platforms. I also never tried this before but I am really curious about this product. Even though I don’t wear liquid foundation much, I still use a primer under my powder foundation. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Last is this pastel lavender turban which is so fluffy and soft. Just by looking at it, I already knew that this will be comfortable to wear and I am right.

So these are all the items inside the Integrate lucky bag. I am really happy that I got more than the price I paid for even though I got the wrong shade. I can’t wait to find other lucky bags. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

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