YAMADA BEE FARM Apple & Honey with Ginger – a relaxing hot drink

I had to wait for my train for about 10 minutes to ride my way home when this vending machine caught my attention. I looked for the Vanilla Milk but it’s not here so I just chose another drink that I’ve never tried before so I tap the Yamada Bee Farm Apple & Honey with Ginger on the screen.

The Yamada Bee Farm Apple & Honey costs ¥140 yen with the tax already included and it is hot which is perfect for cold weathers. Actually, I chose this because the label is so cute and I also like hot lemon honey drinks and I am curious with the combination of apple and honey.

I took a sip before the train’s arrival. The mixture of the flavors is so relaxing and perfect for my exhausted body but I think it made me sleepy on the train because I did sleep and missed much station but luckily not too far. The ginger’s flavor is overpowering and those who hate it may not like it. But if you like ginger like me, this is really good. The combination of the apple & honey makes it sweeter than the lemon & honey. I couldn’t really taste the apple much because of the ginger and I was disappointed with that but overall it was a good drink.


When I arrived home, I transferred it to a glass. It’s not hot anymore but still it tastes good. I think this will also be good with ice. I wasn’t able to try it but I’m sure it will be really good making it a refreshing drink.


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