WITCH’S POUCH High Cover Cream Concealer Brightener – for dark circles | Review

This Witch’s Pouch High Cover Cream Concealer Brightener has been in my drawer for some months now and still unopened. I got this from Witch’s Pouch lucky bag but the retail price of this product is around ¥500. Now, I decided to open this because I need a new concealer for my dark circles.

During this Covid-19 pandemic, my makeups are now useless except for those that are meant to use on the areas where mask couldn’t cover like eyebrows and eyes. There are times where I don’t do makeup but there are just morning where my eyes looks so tired and that’s the time I wear concealer.

It has a typical applicator and I have no problem using this type as long as it applies the product well.

It has a cool pinky tone and it does not match my yellow skin tone but let’s see how will this look on my under eye area.

I can already see from this swatch that the coverage is good but the lines are still very visible but I like the texture of this concealer. It is very easy to blend with fingers.

I applied only on one side to compare. The amount I applied was not much but you can see that it brightens my under eye area and makes my eye look alive.

The concealer has a cool pinky tone but it looks good on my warm yellow tone skin.

This Witch’s Pouch High Cover Cream Concealer Brightener has SPF30PA++ which is a plus point. I rarely see a concealer that has SPF.

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