ATRIX Hand Gel – a Non-sticky Hand Moisturizer | Review

It’s autumn and the temperature is dropping. When the weather is getting colder, problems like dry hands pisses me off. The cracks that it causes gives me a lot of pain especially during this flu season where I sanitize my hands with alcohol a lot more often which also adds dryness to my hands. It it really necessary to have a hand moisturizer during the cold seasons so I am trying this ATRIX Hand Gel.

I already have my favorite hand cream which is from The Body Shop, but it’s pricy and I still have some hand moisturizers from my previous beauty boxes. I plan to use all of my stocks first before buying a new one. One of the hand moisturizers I have is this Atrix Hand Gel – Silky Smooth Type or Sarasara type in Japanese.

This hand moisturizer is a gel type and perfect for those who don’t want their hands to be sticky. (By the way, this is just a sample size.)

It has an herbal but very minimal scent. It is very easy to spread and the skin absorbs the product quickly and leaves no sticky feeling.

My hands were still smooth, and still not dry after 30 minutes. But after around 2 hours, it will be necessary to reapply.

I prefer using this ATRIX Hand Gel when I’ll be doing something where I don’t want my hands to be sticky. But you need to apply more product with this gel type than the cream type. The longevity is much better with the cream type.

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