BIBIGO Moppan Station – Recommended Set

Me and my friend were strolling around Shibuya 109 when we saw a woman with delicious looking cup of gyozas cup in her hands with Bibigo logo. The smell was really good and it made us hungry so we went to the basement floor right away to find where she bought that.

The cup of gyozas came from Bibigo Moppan Station. The food station is only available until January 15, 2021. The gyozas we saw are Korean style and smell so good so we order the recommended set right away.

The Bibigo recommended set costs ¥500 plus the the tax. It’s a little pricey for me. I can buy a dozen or more regular priced gyozas with this price. But maybe the taste is worth the price so let’s see.

The presentation is really nice that it will make anyone wanna buy when they see someone holding this just like the reason why we bought this. It smells really good.

In this Bibigo cup, we have 2 fried meat & vegetable guozas, 2 steamed gyozas, 2 yoppokis, 2 norimaki, melted cheese topping, and the sauce.

The meat & vegetable gyozas were so delicious and addicting especially with the melted cheese on top and the sauce which I don’t know perfectly compliments the taste. It is crunchy. It is perfect as a snack and maybe I could eat a dozen of it in one sit. No kidding. It is something that I will yearn for sure.

They gave us a plastic fork which I think is not appropriate for this kind of food. The inside of the gyoza is so hot that my fork literally bended.

The steamed gyozas were also good but I prefer the fried one. It broke when I tried to grab because it’s so soft.

The yoppoki is easy to chew. I have tried several yoppokis before but all of them were hard to chew. This one is different.

I didn’t like the norimaki because I don’t eat nori and seafoods. My friends says it taste good. It’s just not for me.

The food was great and I will probably eat again when I happen to visit Shibuya again. I googled other locations where they have this Bibigo Moppan Station but unluckily, it is only available in Shibuya 109 for now.

You can check their menu @ Shibuya 109 Imada Kitchen website: (The website’s feature might change on January 15, 2021)

They also give this transparent Kim Seo Joon card. He’s very famous now and I see him a lot on social media. Seo Joon’s fans will probably go to Bibigo Moppan Station to collect this card.

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