YAMAZEN X-Grill YGMA-X100 (B) | Unboxing

I love yakiniku and I will always love it but going to a good yakiniku restaurant is expensive so I can only go there a few times a year. But luckily there are good meats in the supermarket for yakiniku grilling. The only problem is, we are not allowed to do grilling inside the house or the fire alarms will go crazy because of the smoke.

Some are claiming to entirely prevent smoke but are expensive. I remember seeing one in an advertisement on television and the price is ¥ 40,000. That’s too high for me. So when we went to Mr. Max, a retail discount store, I saw a cheap electric grill that claims to cut off 70% of the smoke and 85% of the oil. It might not entirely cut the smoke but 70 is a high percentage so I bought it.

This costs around ¥3,000 to ¥4,000 without the tax.

Here are all the items inside. It is very to assemble even without the instructions.


On this metal tray, you need to put 400cc of water. This is where the oil will go.

I thought that this will be the solution to my yakiniku cravings but to my dismay, this still creates a lot of smoke so I brought out our fan and point it at the smoke towards the exhaust. I expected that it will lessen the oil but no.

I kinda regret buying this but I still enjoyed it. The meat was cooked perfectly and delicious. I will probably use it again but maybe near the windows next time.

It is very easy to clean though and easy to store.


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