ECO TOWN in Mihama Newport Resort – Thrift Store in Japan

(This place is now closed permanently)

Second-hand shops or recycle shops are all over Japan and is very famous not only by the Japanese but also foreigners who are living or just touring the country. One of the most well-known shop name is Eco Town. They even have an online shop now. (This is their online shop which is also available in English and Chinese:

Going to this place is like a treasure hunt. I can spend an hour digging on every shelf in this shop and it’s really fun. In this place, you can also sell almost everything but do not expect that you’ll get a fair price. But it’s better to receive something than nothing.

This Eco Town in Mihama Newport Town located in Mihama-ku, Chiba is their biggest shop I’ve ever visit. It’s quite far from the station but there is a free shuttle bus from Keiyou Line Inagekaigan station. (You can see the shuttle bus timetable and route here: Inagekaigan Station route in Japanese only)

There are few Blu-ray DVDs available but mostly Japanese but there are also some foreign titles. Off course, these are cheaper than the brand new ones.


There are also some albums and there are few rare albums that some might be looking for.

There a tons of books available but mostly in Japanese which might be helpful if you are practicing reading Japanese. This is just a small picture but there are around 8 rows or more. There are also some foreign titles available. I have bought some a few years ago.


This is what you call treasure hunting! It’s fun to dig one by one and I’m sure that you’ll find something you’ll like. I had found a good IC card case here a few years ago for a very cheap price.


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