SANA Keana Pate Shokunin Mineral BB Cream – Natural Mat | Review

I have thrown all of my expired makeups just recently and when I searched for a BB cream, I realized that I don’t have anymore so I decided to buy a new one after my work.

I prefer using BB cream when I just want a little coverage for a short walk or even at home when vanity attacks me. Compared to a foundation, it feels lighter and more comfortable. Primer might not be needed, and some have sunscreen.

I bought this from ITS’DEMO, a variety store here in Japan which mainly sells cosmetic collaborations, makeups, women’s outfit, etc. It costs ¥1,200(tax not included) which is an average price for a BB cream here. And before I decided to buy it, I researched and tested all the available BB creams there on the back of my hand but this one stood out for me. There are also other 2 types available of this brand.

It is very easy to apply with fingertips and the coverage really good for a BB cream and actually the cover is similar to a medium cover foundation. This product claims that concealer is unnecessary but if you have dark spots and eye bags like mine, it might be necessary depends on what you prefer. It can be layered for more coverage and it really did a good job on minimizing the pores.


It dries quick so there’s no need to wait for a long time and obviously, concealer is still needed in my situation. It is matte and powder is not needed unless you’re very oily like me. The texture on my skin is noticeable but my pores were minimized.


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