INDOMIE Mi Goreng Instant Noodles | Review

As of now, this Indomie Mi Goreng is my favorite instant dry noodles that is available here in Japan. This is not easily found in local supermarkets so I have to go to international shops which are usually inside the mall to buy. Luckily there’s one here in our area.

This is originally from Indonesia. I’ve never tried the original Mi Goreng before but this instant version tastes so good that I am curious what the original one tastes like.

There are 2 sachets included inside with 2 partitions each. 1 sachet contains all the liquids, the Kecap Soya Sauce and Minyak Bumbu Seasoning Oil. The other sachet contains all the powders, the seasoning powder and chili powder.


Why boiling the noodles, I mix all the seasonings in a plate so that the sauce will spread evenly and the noodles and it will be easier to do so.

The aroma is so good after mixing!


This is the finished product! It is best served with eggs and I prefer boiled eggs. Sometimes I eat this with rice or put it between 2 loaves of bread.


INDOMIE Website:

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