UR GLAM Eyebrow Coat (ユーアーグラムアイブロウコート) | Review

There are a lot of times when my eyebrow makeup wears off while working and it is embarrassing. So when I saw this UR Glam Eyebrow Coat (ユーアーグラムアイブロウコート), I thought of giving it a try.

According to them, just apply it over your eyebrow makeup and it will keep your morning makeup while maintaining natural firmness and luster, and its finish is natural without shining. As it is a light liquid, it dries quickly and does not stick.

UR GLAM Eyebrow Coat (ユーアーグラムアイブロウコート)

Ingredients. Water/Aqua, Alcohol, Polyvinyl Alcohol, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Phenoxyethanol

UR GLAM Eyebrow Coat (ユーアーグラムアイブロウコート)

The container is similar to nail polish and it actually looks like one. Without reading the packaging, I might think that this is clear nail polish.


The applicator is also similar to nail polish but has fewer strands.

You can smell the scent of the alcohol and honestly, it smells like disinfectant to me.

How to use it? After you finish applying your desired eyebrow makeup, lightly brush on a subtle amount following the direction of the natural hair. Applying a little at a time will result in a more natural look.


UR GLAM Eyebrow Coat (ユーアーグラムアイブロウコート) Test

I put on my eyebrow makeup on both of my brows but I did not apply eyebrow coat on the other side to compare differences. The eyebrow with the coat looks sharper than the eyebrow without a coat.

UR GLAM Eyebrow Coat (ユーアーグラムアイブロウコート)

After Smudge Test. I tried smudging it lightly but it didn’t go off so I tried rubbing vigorously and it did.

After Water Test. It passed the water test.


UR GLAM Website: https://urglammakeup.com

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