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DAISO Eyetape Stretchable Type| Review

I have been using Daiso’s Eyelid Tape for more than a year now but not this type. Eyetapes can be expensive, so a ¥100 product is a blessing for me. But not all are good so let’s check this one.

This is a stretchable type eyetape. You can stretch the product on your desired length before putting . There are are 120 pcs. So if you’ll be putting it on both eyelids, it will last for approximately 2 months but I’ll be only using it on one eye so it will last more than that.

The tapes looks like they are connected to each other. Getting one without lifting another tape next to it is tricky.

The application is super easy. I only used my finger and it was fine even though I repeated three times due to my own mistakes.

It is visible on the lid but not bad-looking. After a few minutes wearing this, I felt an itch on the upper part of the tape. It might be the edge of the tape hitting my skin but it went off right away.

After 8 hours…

It was still there after 8 hours and I don’t know why it looks better. Even after taking this picture, I continued using it. I washed my face and it was still there. It only went off when I took a hot bath at around 5pm.

Taking it off is not so easy. It really sticks well so it can be a little damaging. I suggest using an oil remover or makeup remover to soften it.

(Left) No concealer (Right) Witch concealer

Even with the concealer, the tape is still slightly visible under eyeshadow.


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