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DAISO Eyelash Curler – No. 7239 |Review ディープカーブビューラー

This DAISO Eyelash Curler is so cheap that it makes me think twice on buying expensive curlers. This only costs ¥100 (tax not included) and there are a lot more available in Daiso but I want to try this first because it looks promising.

It is indicated in the packaging that this eyelash curler is most recommended for those with deep curve and round eyes which kinda describe my eyes.

The packaging is great for the price. Without knowing it’s from Daiso, I may have thought that The price is higher than it’s current price. Plus, it is simply cute.

The main product is made of steel but you can feel that the quality is not that great but the way it is made is quite good. I can safely say that it will not chop off your eyelashes because the edge is not sharp which is the usual issue on cheap eyelash curlers. But always check it first before using because sometimes, there are inconsistencies in production. The handles have covers that are made of PVC which is really helps on gripping. I plucked my eyelashes once when I accidentally slipped my fingers while pinching so this cover is really important.

This also comes with a 2 silicon replacements. If the silicon won’t break easily, this can last for a year or more. Such a good deal for a ¥100 yen product right? But let’s see the quality and performance first.

Before using it on your eyelashes, please clean it first because there are dirts or dusts on the product.

The instruction on how to use the product is indicated at the back of the box and here it is; “Place your lashes on the lower frame of the curler. Curl from the roots to the tips dividing it into 3 parts and it will give a beautiful finish. Always clean with a dry tissue paper or a dry cloth after using. Avoid wetting and always keep it clean.” We should always keep this clean because dirt may cause eye problems.

And here are the precautions; “・Please check before using whether there are distortions on the main part, rubber part and a projection. ・Please use it before mascara or false eyelashes. If pinches eyelashes strongly, it may cut off eyelashes. ・Breakage may cause if pinched strongly. ・Please be careful not to damage eyes when you use it. ・ Please do not use it when distortion occurs on the main part. ・Please do not put it place of high temperature. ・Please keep it away from babies and children. ・Please do not use this item aside from its purpose.”

It is very easy to use especially on types of eyes like mine. It fits perfectly but I think this will not fit for those who have longer eyes. There is no need to exert much force to achieve the curls. It worked perfectly. It did not pinched my skin nor plucked any strand of my eyelash. I

The curls are so pretty! I guess I won’t be buying another eyelash curler soon, except when it breaks.


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