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SPINNS 2 Colors Cheek – Lavender Pink | 2色チークラベンダーピンク | Review


It’s a product from DAISO again! I really love buying from them because they are wallet-friendly.

I was not so attracted when I saw this product because it kinda reminds me of those makeup toys I used to have.


There is no scent. The colors are too cute but I don’t think that there is a Lavender Pink and I wonder if these colors will match me.


When I dip my brush on the blush, the powders went flying. LOL. I was very careful when I lift the brush because the powders where falling. Also, a little dip might be enough to avoid mess or after dipping the brush, apply first on the back of your hands before directly putting on the cheeks.


The left side is more obvious than the right side. When I first applied it, I put too much so I repeated again.

This product is just OK. It works and looks good for drunk blush. My only problem with this is that it’s too powdery.


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