MELLOW Precision Pen Eyeliner | Review

What is it? This Mellow product is a precision pen eyeliner. According to them. “Mellow’s Liquid Precision Pen Eyeliner makes liquid lining super fast and easy. This long lasting super black formula creates the thinnest or thickest winged liner in one sweep, and gives eyes a bolder look without having to try too hard.”

Availability & Price. It is available on their website for $18.00 USD , and on Amazon for $7.85 USD. I don’t understand why it is cheaper on Amazon.

Weight. The NET WT. is 1.80 grams or 0.063 oz.

Ingredients. Aqua, Polyvinylpyrrolidone, Acrylates/Octylacrylamide Copolymer, Propylene Glycol, Sorbitan Sesquioleate, Triethanolamine Polyacrylic Acid, Black Oxide of Iron (CI 77499).

Packaging. It is very simple and standard. The materials are good quality. It is made of plastic and the cap tightly secures.

Tip. The tip is pointed and looks like a sponge on a closer look.

Color. It is black and I love the blackness of it. There is no browning or greenish tint to it.

Usage. It is very easy to use and handle. I can create different intensity and line thickness.

Scent. There is no scent

Drying Time. It dries so fast! It took just a few seconds to dry after applying it and it looked like a henna tattoo.

Smudge-proof & Waterproof Test. When it dried up, it didn’t smudge even a bit. It looked like a tattoo or a henna tattoo. But when I sprayed water-proof in it, it got so messy and behave just like a pentel pen. The water went black so I don’t recommend using this when you plan to watch a drama movie or going to the gym.

Buildability. It didn’t have any problems when I try to layer it. Some eyeliners tend to crumble when layered.

Comfortability. It was comfortable. There are no irritations during the use of the product. It felt nothing until I put on a wing.

Longevity. I put it around 2am in the morning. When I slept around 6am, it was still OK but when I woke up around 10 am, my eye was a mess.

Verdict. This is the first pen eyeliner that made me able to create a beautiful wing. (seriously) The only downside of this is that it is not waterproof and that results to panda eyes.


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