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Tridecyl Trimellitate

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“Tridecyl trimellitate (“TDTM”) is the ester of tridecyl alcohol and trimellitic acid, and has recently been offered for use to the cosmetics industry. It is a very heavy viscosity, syrupy, odorless liquid which is slightly tacky in application, but leaves the skin feeling very soft. Tridecyl stearate (“TDS”) is the stearic acid ester of tridecyl alcohol, and is a commonly used ingredient in the cosmetic trade. It has a velvety afterfeel and is recommended for use in all products which are left on throughout the day such as moisturizers, lotions, make-ups, face creams and day creams. In the practice of this invention, TDTM is blended with at least one other ester, preferably at least two other esters, to formulate a blend which duplicates the viscosity and feel of mineral oil for use in toiletry and cosmetics. The esters generally blended with TDM will be lower in viscosity than TDTM. While a wide range of esters may be blended with TDTM, the preferred esters are TDS, NPGC and DPHC. The selection and quantity of the esters which are blended with TDTM will vary depending on desired viscosity of the final product and the feel which the product is intended to have. Illustrative, non-limiting examples of other esters which may be blended with TDTM are isodecyl trimellitate, isopropyl myristate, isopropyl palmitate, tridecyl myristate, tridecyl palmitate, isodecyl trimellitate, propylene glycol dicaprate/dicaprylate, neopentyl glycol dicaprate and trisodecyl trimellitate.”



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