MOREMO Hair Treatment Miracle 2x | Review

Bleaching, hair color, and perm are just some of the things that damages our hair. Once it is damaged, it’s almost impossible to get our hair healthy again, and that is when hair treatments enter.

Finding the right hair treatment is not so easy. I already tried a lot of it but only a few passed me. In finding the right treatment, there are factors that I take note; skin sensitivity, and effectiveness.

What is this product? This product is an after shampoo hair treatment that you can use every time you shower. It claims to make damaged hair look fuller, shinier, and more manageable. It also claims that the effect will be seen immediately on the first time of use.

Price and Availability. There are many online shops that sell this product but they have different prices. It is also available on Amazon for US Dollars $25.62.

Ingredients. See the list and information of each ingredients here:

Scent. It smells like a hair salon but not exactly, it smells like those high-quality hair treatments that every salon has with a little mint.

Texture and Consistency. It is like a conditioner but has a heavier and thicker consistency.

Comfortability. After the shower, I didn’t feel any irregularities.


Verdict. (2019/12/06) My hair isn’t too damaged but it’s dry and a little stiff. After using this product, and drying my hair, it looked moisturized and softer. I think there will be much greater results if I have left it for than 5 minutes before rinsing. The next day, my hair felt softer and shinier.

This is best to use the day before you are going out because it felt more manageable the second day.


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