BELLAPIERRE Shimmer Powder – Exite

What is it? According to, “Using 100% pure Mica powder, these beautiful shimmer powders will provide long lasting, vibrant color without any additional filler that can often smear, crease, fade and even cause allergic reaction. Recommended by make-up artists and dermatologists, bellapierre shimmer powders are 100% Hypoallergenic and are suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

What is it about the color? According to, Exite is a shimmery white with purple reflection.

Where did I bought this, how much, and availability? I didn’t’ buy this. I got this as a freebie from lookfantastic. On Bellapierre’s site, it costs $15. On lookfantastic’s site, it costs ¥879 but it is on discount sale.

How is the packaging and container? There is no box nor plastic wrap, just the body itself and they might have a reason for that. The container is very simple and honestly, it doesn’t attract me. Looking at it, I might assume that the price is way much lower than the real price.

What is the amount? NT. WT. / POIDS NET 2G / 0.07 US OZ

What are the ingredients? Mica CI77019, Titanium Dioxide CI77891. May contain: Iron Oxides [+/-CI77491, 77492, 77499, 77288, 77289], Carmine CI75470, Ferric Ferrocyanide CI77510.

How is the pigmentation? Without a base, it is good but with the right base, it turns opaque.

How is the shade? All I see is a pearly shimmery powder. I don’t know if it is only me but I couldn’t see the purple reflections. But still it is beautiful. I think that it is also good as a highlighter.

Are there fallouts? Yes and I think that it is hard to avoid fallouts with eyeshadow in powder form. It is messy so it is necessary to be careful. By using the right base, fallouts will be minimized.

Is it smudge-proof and waterproof? No, it is not smudge-proof because of its form but using the right base, it was lessen. It is also not waterproof. It run downs immediately with water.

How does it look? I prefer using it as a highlighter. It looks natural.

Is it easy to use? As a highlighter, yes! Just be sure not to put to much.

Was it comfortable? I didn’t get irritations while using this.

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